Tuition fees

The tuition fees depend on several factors: preferred number of installments, way of payment and eligibility to the Accessibility Program for Canadian cadidates without revenue, monoparental families and newcomers (less than 5 years in Canada) as follows:


2 installments

10% discount

3 installments

5% discount

6 installments

regular price
Additional courses

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** Indicated prices apply for beneficiaries of the Accessibility program only. Contact Customer service for details.



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Refer a friend
  • Hidden jobs

    Working in the administration, management and monitoring of clinical trials is an interesting, but virtually unknown career opportunity. In 90-95% of the cases the positions in this field are filled-in internally or by referrals and not published at all.

    For this reason the clinical research professions (code of Canadian professions 4165) are often out of the radars of qualified professionals facing a career change. The employment counselors also don’t know much about them and the chronic shortage of trained staff in this field. It makes sense to inform your friends who have B.A., Life science, or Health/Allied Health diplomas about this non popular, but rewarding career option.

    We consider that if you inform a friend about these career opportunity and our unique job insertion program, such targeted distribution of information is much better that unfocused and expensive publicity in newspapers or Internet.

  • Unique approach

    As professionals in career change need a job, and not another diploma, this unique program addresses all these obstacles by providing the necessary tools for overcoming them:
    – regulatory training, combined with practical advices how to perform each task in the real life,
    – unlimited internship in e-CRO environment to get the required Canadian experience,
    – networking assistance to access the hidden job market that continues till hired, and
    – job insertion coaching & mentoring with interview preparation & analysis till hire.

  • Difficult access to these jobs

    The Job Insertion Program till hire, provided in parallel to the regulatory course, is unique. University courses in clinical research don’t cover monitoring in details and don’t offer such internships to provide “hands-on experience”. They usually give only training on the regulations, which are public and easily accessible. They don’t address the main obstacles that people in career change face:
    – how to get access to these 90-95% of hidden jobs when you know nobody and nobody knows you in this new field, and often, in a new country?
    – how to get all the industry specific practical know-how, not described in the regulations, in order to pass successfully an interview without losing years to postulate in vain?
    – how to beat the famous Catch 22 vicious circle ‘No experience – no job – no experience’, and satisfy the main hiring criteria – ‘hands-on’ experience in the required clinical trial related tasks.

  • Unlimited number of bonuses

    If you register in our database the name of the person who you informed about this opportunity, you will get a 10% bonus when the person subscribes to the program and finishes all payments. The database will generate automatically a Credit note even if this happens years later. Bonuses can be used also to cover your next payment, if you wish so. The number of bonuses is unlimited.