CRP Certification & Job Insertion Program



The tuition fees for the complete program with the internship and job placement support till hire depend on the revenues and the number of installments  and till July 1st 2016 are between 776,25 CAN$ and 1345,85 CAN$ (see  Additional information on the right). TPS/TVQ may need to be added after this date.


30% subvention on the regular fees is provided within the Accessibility program to Canadian candidates from families without revenues, from mono-parental families and for newcomers (5 years or less in Canada) on welfare. Proof of eligibility is required.


To receive an official Proforma invoice, send an email to соntact@crа-sсhооl cоm to indicate your status and family revenues, preferred number of installments and way of payment .


To enroll upload the Contract of services with Confidentiality agreement that can be found here, fill-in and sign them, and email them to the same address together with a copy of some ID document with picture and signature*.

* Note: Mask sensitive information (numbers and dates) with Post-it before scanning.


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Additional Information
Accessiblity program

Not applicable, Applicable (proof of eligibility required)


1 installment (-15%), 2 installments (-10%), 3 installments (-5%), 6 installments (reg. price), 9 installments (special offer)

Number of installments

1 installment (-15%), 2 installments (-10%), 3 installments (-5%), 6 installments (reg.), 9 installments (promo code)

Payment mode

Paypal (+3% PayPal charges), e-Interac (max. 1$ charges), Cash (-3%), Certified cheque (no charges), Money order (no charges), Bank transfer (ask your bank)

Final exam

Included in price


Included in price

Job support

Included in price (till hire)


Included in price (till hire)