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Arrive in Canada JOB READY for clinical research jobs

The ICRA CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL is launching a new Job Intergration project in the clinical research industry for health and life-science professionals. Consultations with a Licenced Canadian Registered Immigration Consultant are available on request.


The reason for this new project is that newcomers arrive unprepared and unaware about the realities in the Canadian job market. Practical “hands-on” experience counts much more than education. The unofficial requirement for a prior Canadian experience blocks their access to more valuable jobs, corresponding to their qualifications. They lose many years and a lot of money trying to get a job with a decent remuneration, related to their competencies.

The Regulatory Affairs jobs in clinical trials are a great alternative career for professions, requiring a license to practice. They deal only with data QC and QA, and protocol compliance and verifying documents. They do not involve performing medical acts (done by the physicians and nurses in the clinics) and don’t require a license to practice medicine in Canada. After the lock-downs, most jobs became remote and home-based.

Unfortunately, in order to guarantee that the new hire will be functional with only a few days training, the law requires staff with prior experience in the required tasks, but obtained in a Canadian regulatory environment. Foreign experience is simply not accepted because unknown. And as in the development of new drugs and vaccines, everything it top secret, there are no internships in this industry. So how to get Canadian experience then?

This vicious circle closes the way to these rewarding careers for most newcomers. To resolve this issue, ICRA introduced to its PG program for Certified Clinical Research Professionals (CRA, CRC, CTA, DM, PM, RA) 3 remote monitoring internships done in the Academy to provide the missing Canadian experience and make the students eligible for intervews.

To enroll after arrival, however, is not the ideal solution. After arriving newcomers are forced to take any job to cover the numerous new expenses. These jobs will also ask for Canadian experience, so only the lowest paid will be accessible. This leaves very few time, energy and money left to study and network. Applying to the few posted jobs (only 5-10% are posted, the rest is filled-in by references to save time), collides with the big number of competitors with Canadian expereince.

But it is a real game changer, if some 6-7 months before getting their visa, newcomers join the Online PG Certified Clinical Research Professionals (CRA/CRC) Diploma On-boarding program CRP_3.0. It includes 3 remote part-time monitoring internships in the Academy. They will provide remote Canadian experience and make the candidates eligible for interviews while being still at home, having a place to live, stable revenues and the support of their families. 

In this way, they will arrive in Canada JOB READY, having already all the necessary tools and satisfying all the main requirements, and namely:

– 6 months Canadian “hands-on” experience from the 3 remote internships in a Canadian regulatory environment,

– an accredited PG Canadian CCRP diploma of Certified Clinical Research Professional (CRA, CRC, CTA, DM, PM, RA),  

– a network of Canadian professional contacts, developed meanwhile, who could send them job leads and refer them to their Hiring Managers. And last, but not least,

– experienced tutors from the Academy, who will have the contractual obligation to prepare them for every interview till hired (another unique feature of our concept). 

The approach to arrive JOB READY and the unlimited 7/7 LIVE support and guidance  from seasoned mentors will accelerate with years their access to meaningful jobs.

Please kindly share this information with your contacts, who may profit. You will get a $100 Referral Bonus for anyone, who enrolls someday, and this will save them years of fruitless job search and frustration after arrival. It will be a win-win solution for everybody.  Life tends to reward good deeds.

Thank you in advance for your kind contribution to this noble cause.