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What do you need to get a job in the clinical trials industry in Canada?


Clinical research is an ever growing field with permanent need of qualified new staff. Clinical trials on new, no-approved drugs, vaccines and medical devices are organized to collect enough statistical data about the adverse effects and the efficacy in humans of the new developed, non-approved yet products. Till that stage they have been tested only in labs on animals during the pre-clinical phase. Only if the Risks / Benefits ratio is favorable, the sponsor will request an authorization to start marketing the product.

The Food and Drug Act is the Canadian law on the organization, conduct, and control of clinical research with human subjects in Canada. The clinical trials regulations are specified in Part C, Division 5 of the law, and its art. C.05.010 (g) requires that “each individual involved in the conduct of the clinical trial is qualified by education, training AND experience to perform his or her respective tasks;” as per art. 2.08 of ICH GCP E6(R2).

Therefore, having prior “hands-on” experience in the relevant tasks, required for the given role, but in a Canadian regulatory environment, is the main selection criterion when hiring new staff. The lack of previous Canadian experience is a major obstacle for highly qualified candidates, seeking to get a job in the field. The International Clinical Research Academy CRA School resolves this issue with 3 part-time remote monitoring internships and several workshops, providing the required practical experience.

What you need to find rapidly a job

To summarize all obstacles and considerations how to overcome them, there are a few mandatory requirements to be fulfilled to get faster a job in the clinical trials field:

1. nursing or any university diploma in any field, preferably in health- or life sciences, required by law

2. regulatory affairs training/certificate on the international and Canadian regulations for the conduct of human clinical trials

3. some prior “hands-on” experience in the activities, related to the given role, required by law, but in a Canadian regulatory environment (which we provide through 3 remote part-time monitoring internships in the Academy). Without that, HR will not reply.

4. professional network of contacts, who can tell you about the “hidden” jobs (80-90% of all jobs are never published for lack of time, and filled-in by references or internal promotions)

5. a well adapted CV, which matches the exact requirements for every specific vacancy, which we do together with the students for every job for an unlimited time (till hired). For entry-level roles, over-qualification is a handicap, and HR will simply not reply.

6. a mentor, available 7/7 to guide you during the job search process and prepare you for every interview until success, to initiate you in self-positioning, professional branding and promotion, job search techniques and give salary negotiation tips, networking strategies, etc.

All this is covered in our PG program CRP_3.0, that targets all the jobs in the Clinical Research Regulatory Affairs field, which don’t require a license to practice in Canada.

Most jobs became remote during the lock-downs and for some of them it is possible to work as a home-based contractor. Some JD even state that you can be out of Canada and their number will only grow as more employers see the benefits. A lot of Canadian CRAs work for US companies, where salaries are generally noticeably higher.

The game changer for newcomers

For those, who plan to move to Canada and are motivated to join fast this rewarding field with chronic shortage of qualified staff, it is a game changer to already have in advance when arriving in Canada several tools:

* A Canadian Post-Gradate diploma of Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP), covering the roles of the CTA / SSU / CRC  / DM  / RAC / IH-CRA and several others, +
* Canadian practical experience from the 3 remote part-time internships to get the required prior “hands-on” experience in the necessary tasks, +
* a network of professional contacts, developed during the program, who can tell you about the “hidden” jobs, that are never published, but filled-in by references (80-90% of all jobs), +
* unlimited Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH) with 7/7 LIVE Support from qualified Level II instructors and mentors.

All this assistance is provided till getting the first job without any additional costs.

Free 1-on-1 career consultations and Action Plan discussion

The concept of our program is quite unique: It combines very comprehensive regulatory training with 3 remote, part-time monitoring internships to provide the required practical experience, along with unlimited 1-on-1 help (Placement Assistance Till Hired – PATH).

To get answers to all your questions, and for a free 1-hour 1-on-1 consultation on the clinical research careers and discuss personalized Action Plan, connect to our 7/7 LIVE support, provided 7 days per week till midnight EST (UCT-5).

Just say “Hi” to our Skype account CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL (the account without a dash between CRA and School) or contact us as at info@cra-school.com.

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