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Common fears and objections

Career change is not an easy step. There are always lot of fears, questioning and hesitations. You are free to decide does this career opportunity fits to you, but here are some of the most common perceived limitations, fears and objections to switching into a CRA career, that you should consider:

It is too good to be true – No, it is only a well kept secret. CRAs have no interest to talk much about their revenues and bring new and probably higher qualified competitors. There are a lot of CRAs without any life science background, like accountants, archivists and others, who won't like to compete with medical professionals.

I am not MD, neither BSN nor even RN – If you have medical or biomedical education and know medical terminology, this is enough.

My diploma is not recognized – What counts is knowledge of medical terminology; CRAs work with documents, not with patients

I don’t have a license – Companies need medical competences to be able to understand the Protocols, not licenses for practicing

I am too old – So what, lot of CRAs continue working even after the age of retirement, the job is not difficult, it only needs traveling

I don’t have CRA experience – You can acquire it on a lower level position, including during the Internship in our unique Virtual CRO

I am a new graduate – If you graduated in the life science field, then you have the basic knowledge on the medical terminology

I have small children – You can start working locally as CRC or in-house CRA without travelling and later move to a field CRA role

I have too much debts – Companies cover all the CRA expenses, related to the their work. The high salary will pay your debts quickly.

I can’t afford to pay the course – Studying is always an investment, but it pays fast, especially with this level of salaries

I don’t want back to school – Even to get access in 4-6 months to a career with $50.000 starting salary and $70.000 in 2-3 years?

I won’t be good at that – All you need to know is the medical terminology and the regulations on clinical trials. We will train you.

I haven’t done anything similar – To audit documentation you only need attention to detail and working knowledge of the regulations

I don’t want to work 9-5 – As home-based or field CRA you will plan yourself and make yourself your schedule

I don’t have a good resume – The course gives a special training on CVs and interview preparation, as well as on the industry jargon

I don’t know how to find a job – You will get placement assistance and lot of industry specific tips to be able to talk like an insider

I am not qualified for this job – Our training program will give you the needed qualification and practical experience