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Interested to work in Clinical Trials as a Clinical Research Assistant or Clinical Research Coordinator? It is the right time


Knowing the application process for academic studies will be an asset when you apply for such jobs.


Covid-19 hastens the need for new clinical trials, new staff & new sites, both in the industry and in academic settings. Several vaccine trials will have to start in the next months and go very fast.


Vaccine trials require 40.000+ subjects, hence, a lot of new sites and new staff will be needed. Lots of them in academic settings.

The pharm companies adapted their standard operating procedures to remote and minimal-contact work and are actively hiring.

Recently several of our students got jobs there. Most entry-level jobs relate to study start-up, therefore we focus on these roles.


Join our Global Networking Series on Dec 17 with Alex Karabanow
to explore together the Online Approval Process of clinical trials:



Thursday, December 17 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT


Alex Karabanow, Manager, Clinical Research Support Systems,

      University Health Network, Toronto

For whom: 

Researchers and Research assistants: We see a lot of new trials on vaccines and treatments because of the pandemic. Researchers will want to try existing therapies for a new use against the virus and apply for grants.
For them, and their new Research Assistants, streamlining the academic application process will be of interest (if they haven’t gone through that yet).

Graduate students: Those, willing to go in research to get the first job, will also be interested, so maybe student associations can help to spread the news about these little known career opportunities, so forward them the information.

Foreign-trained Health and Life science professionals: They are always interested in the roles of Research Assistant and Clinical Research Assistant or Coordinator, which allow them to stay in their field of competencies without passing exams and being required to get a license to practice. Maybe the cultural communities’ organizations may pass the message to them, talk to them to spread the news.


In clinical trials, with the exception of the physicians, the nurses, and the medical technologists, nobody does any medical acts. A clinical trial is an observational activity on the side effects and efficacy of the investigated treatment in human participants, quality control of the generated data, and quality assurance of the study compliance with the existing regulations, which are protecting the study participants, their rights, integrity, and safety.

The clinical trials industry is always growing and will continue to grow because of the explosive development of science and technologies. It is an excellent alternative for foreign-trained medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, biologists, and other health or life science professionals with BSc, MSc, or PhD degrees, as well as qualified nurses because of the high level of salaries and a chronic shortage of experienced staff.

Once you are in, you are in forever. Promotions every year ot two are quite frequent, and working as an independent contractor after accumulating 3+ years of experience allows to almost double the revenue, and to decide freely how many days per week to work.  Get informed about these rewarding careers.


Zoom meeting. The link and password for access will be emailed before the event

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