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Accelerated Access Clinical Research Professional Coop Program with 3 remote monitoring internships (for GCP-trained professionals only))


The Clinical Research Professional Accelerated-Access Course is designed for already GCP-trained professionals, who need only some practical “hands-on” experience to get eligible for interviews. It includes 3 unpaid remote part-time monitoring internships in Canadian/US regulatory environment, but does not provides any diploma, as exams are not made. The course content is available for reference purposes only, and a Letter of Reference is provided to highlight the activities done during the internships.

Unlimited Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH) program is also included, providing students with all the tools to find and obtain employment within this industry: Networking coaching, CV adaptation support for every vacancy, interview practice and preparation for every role, professional branding and positioning, etc

N.B.: This program is only for GCP-trained professionals: Before registering online, please contact us at info@cra-school.com to verify your eligibility and discuss a suitable Action Plan that fits best your qualification and objectives.


The Accelerated Access Coop Program is designed only for already GCP-trained Clinical Research Professionals without practical experience, and provides them the “hands-on” experience in the clinical trial conduct and monitoring related activities, as required by law. The objective is to make them eligible for interviews.

The regulatory CRP 3.0 course is accessible for reference purposes only, reading it is optional. To accelerate the study, neither tests, nor homework assignments are made. It is self-paced and takes about 3 months, but does not result in a diploma as no exams are made. Only a Reference Letter, listing the tasks done, is provided. It enumerates all the activities, performed in the Academy within the 3 remote Phase II/III & IV clinical trials in CVD, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Placement Assistance Til Hired (PATH) is included, providing students with all tools and support to find and obtain employment the fastest possible. The topics included are:

  • Remote Internship tasks, to demonstrate the required hands-on clinical research experience
  • Monitoring modules of Source Document Review (SDR) and Source Document Verification (SDV)
  • Access and practice with Datatrak  Electronic Data Capture (EDC) &Clinical Trial Management System (e-CTMS)
  • CV adaptation and Interview preparation by Skype and interview video-practice by the Pitch On Air (POA) online simulator

Before registering online, please email your CV and contact us by email or Skype at CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL to ensure your eligibility and discuss an Action Plan, suitable for you! We prepare for all jobs that don’t require a license to practice medicine.

The CRP 3.0 course covers the following topics:

  • US Clinical Trials law and the FDA / NIH Regulations
  • Canadian and International GCP Regulations
  • Ethics Review Boards
  • Informed Consent Process
  • Adverse Events Reporting
  • Study Design Considerations
  • Essential Documents
  • Site Evaluation and Selection
  • Site Initiation and Study Start-up
  • Subjects Recruitment and Retention
  • Interim Monitoring Visits,
  • Study Close-Out Visit
  • Fraud and Misconduct
  • Data Management and queries resolution
  • Private Health Information Protection
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Audits and Inspections Preparation
  • Data and Safety Monitoring Board
  • Medical Devices

N.B.: This program is only for GCP-trained professionals without practical experience.
Email your detailed CV and request for admission to info@cra-school.com


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