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CRP 3.0 Accredited Post-Graduate Certified Clinical Research Professional On-boarding Program with 3 remote internships, Drugs and Medical devices

The Accredited Post-graduate Clinical Research Diploma (125 CPD credits) is valid worldwide. This combined GCP-course covers all roles in the clinical trials industry and in academia, that don’t require a license to practice medicine, like CRA, CRC, CTA, SSU, DM, RA, CSM, CPM, even DSA, PVS, MSL, etc. The 3 remote monitoring internships and 7/7 LIVE Support with Unlimited Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH) are integral part of the program.

It is an individual, self-paced 100% ON-LINE Certification and Job Insertion Program with LIVE support directly from Level II specialists and mentors till midnight E.S.T (UCT-5), provided 7 days per week. The concept is focused on the main objective – to get the first job, and to never be left alone and forced to learn from one’s own mistakes.

Unlike other courses, the program is very detailed (1000+ pages) and competence-oriented, with practical tasks in two Phase II/III studies on metabolic syndrome and LDL-cholesterol and work on Clinical Data Management in a phase IV diabetes study with the EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) software Datatrak. Depending on students’ availability, it takes 6 months or more to complete. Due to our active support and networking, almost 60% of students get jobs before the Final exam.

The support is individually adapted to the goals and qualifications of every student. Interested candidates are welcome to email their CVs to info@cra-school.com in order to assess their qualifications and eligibility for the different clinical trials roles, and suggest them a suitable Action Plan.

Terms and conditions:

Our obligations as specified in the Contract of services are as follows.

  • To provide the content of the CRP 3.0 Clinical Research Certification PG program for CRA/CRC/CTA/CDM/RA, including homework verification and on-line exams with a Final exam at the indicated price and terms of payment
  • To provide Clinical Trial Management training and remote internship with EDC (Electronic Data Capture) & CTMS (Clinical Trials Management Systems) software for electronic databases.
  • To provide 7/7 LIVE support from Level II mentors to answer questions within 24 hours, 7 days per week till midnight EST, preferably immediately, or still the same day, whenever feasible.
  • To provide access to 3 Remote Monitoring Internships with unlimited duration (till hired) without additional charges if student’s homework tasks and results from tests demonstrate capacity to start the practical work
  • To issue a Post-graduate Diploma of Certified Clinical Research Professional (CRA/CRC) after the Final exam. We reserve the right to use Students’ Linkedin profiles to show studen’s’ progress if they agree so.
  • To provide mentorship on professional branding and coaching on industry specific terminology, acronyms and industry slang, as well as on professional branding, contract negotiations at no additional charge.
  • To provide Reference Letters on request and support on the CV adaptation for every job, with interview video-practice and interview preparation till hire at no additional costs.
  • To provide unlimited job placement assistance during the whole job search process with job alerts, Reference letters,  and access to our database of recruiters and employers at no additional charge.
  • To provide ongoing networking assistance and mentoring on the use of social media for the creation of a wide set of professional contacts in the field at no additional charge.
  • To provide co-op opportunities for high-achieving students, when available, as pro-bono CRA Teaching Assistant, to be announced on the Student’s CV, LinkedIn etc.

Program description

Our most popular course prepares the student for a wide range of jobs in the clinical trials industry, including Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA), and others. Practical application is taught along with fundamental theory. Chapter content is supported with articles, videos, remote internship tasks, and homework assignments. Job search and networking advice are included throughout the course. A Placement Assistance Til Hired (PATH) program is included till obtaining their first employment, providing students with all the tools and support to find and obtain a job within this industry the fastest possible and grow successfully.

Course topics include:

⦁  Introduction to Clinical Research
⦁ The Pharmaceutical Industry
⦁ Ethics and History of Clinical Research
⦁ Phases of Drug development
⦁ Roles in Clinical Trials
⦁ Protocol design and verification
⦁ Case Report Forms Design
⦁ Recruitment and Retention
⦁ US Regulations: NIH and FDA
⦁ Canadian and International Regulations
⦁ Ethics Review Boards
⦁ Informed Consent Process
⦁ Adverse Events Reporting
⦁ Study Design and Conduct
⦁ Essential Documents and e-TMF
⦁ Site Evaluation and Selection
⦁ Site Initiation Visit
⦁ Monitoring Visits
⦁ Study Close Out Visit
⦁ Misconduct and Fraud
⦁ Data Management and Queries
⦁ Privacy Information Protection
⦁ Datatrak Electronic Data Capture
⦁ Audits and Inspections
⦁ Data and Safety Monitoring Board
⦁ Medical Devices Regulations


By clicking ADD TO CART, you agree with the Terms and conditions listed above. Additional discounts are added at checkout if an active promo code is entered in the COUPON field. The Global Accessibility Program (GAP) has been extended with low interest Partial Payments Plans for payment in 2 or 3 monthly installments. It is granted on written request to students and newcomers with limited revenues to facilitate their access to the rewarding clinical research careers. A 45% additional GAP discount is granted to residents of low-income countries. To apply, request a Proforma invoice with your preferred terms of payment.

The user ID and password to access the e-Learning platform Moodle are emailed automatically after payment is made. No refund is granted after receipt of the 1st module. To start the course, go to the menu STUDENTS and log in with the received credentials. Sign the NDA in the 1st chapter and upload back to Moodle to enable the access to the course. Unlimited LIVE Support is provided till hired 7 days per week till midnight EST by a tutor from the Academy by email, or by SKYPE  Say “Hi’ to connect to the LIVE support at our Skype account CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL and to get immediate answers to any questions, networking coaching, CV adaptation support, and interview preparation for every role till getting the first job and during the probation period.