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End of the special 45% reduction for the

PG Clinical Research program CRP_3.0


During the first lock-down, the Executive Board of the International Clinical Research Academy “CRA-School” – Montreal decided to help people blocked at home to use the time for acquiring new qualifications in the rewarding field of the clinical research industry, which is in chronic shortage of qualified research staff, and offers higher than the average salaries, with frequent promotions.

* Therefore, two years ago, the board has decided for the duration of the lock-down to work temporarily without generation profits and granted a special 50% temporary discount for the unique concept of the individual online PG Clinical Research On-boarding program CRP_3.0 with 3 remote internships and unlimited Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH). It is an individual, self-paced online program, with immediate 7/7 LIVE SUPPORT, provided till midnight EST (UCT-5).

Last week of the old 2021 fees with 45% discount.

Last week of the old 2021 fees with 45% discount for the PG Clinical Research On-boarding program with 3 internships and unlimited Placement Assistance Till Hired.

* Unfortunately, nobody expected that the lock-downs will become systematic, and the next year the discount had to be reduced to 45% to continue covering the operation costs and provide the highest quality services to the students. However, the high yearly inflation in 2021 made it difficult to cover the raising costs and maintain the 2021 tuition fees without cutting in the services.

In this situation, another reduction of this special discount becomes necessary. This is the LAST WEEK of the old 2021 fees with a 45% discount. It will expire on March 31 at midnight EST, and the new, corrected fees for 2022 will enter in force in April.

Payment in 2 monthly installments can also be selected during the inscription. For immediate assistance, just say “Hi” to our Skype account CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL. The 7/7 LIVE support is provided by chat till midnight EST (UCT-5). The service is free.

Please share with friends and colleagues who may be interested to profit from this last opportunity. Fees can be corrected without prior notice if the economic situation changes.

The well-paid careers in the clinical trials industry are an interesting alternative for foreign-trained physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, and any other life-science professionals. Neither recognized diplomas, nor license to practice are required. In Regulatory affairs, only the licensed staff perform medical acts. All the other staff work on the Quality Control (QC) of the generated data, its documentation according to the Good Documentation Practice (GDP), and on assuring the compliance of all activities with the approved protocol and applicable regulations.


The Administrative Board of ICRA, The CRA-School

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