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GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY PROGRAM (GAP) for Africa, South America & Asia

The International Clinical Research Academy (ICRA), formerly known as CRA-SCHOOL MONTREAL, has been created in March 2009 with the commitment of helping highly educated people worldwide with university and nursing diplomas  enter the rewarding and well-paid field of clinical research careers on unapproved new drugs, vaccines and medical devices for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. 

In this spirit, and to help alleviate the financial burden for candidates in conditions of  rapidly growing inflation, the Global Accessibility Program (GAP) has been reactivated.

What is GAP

The Global Accessibility Program (GAP) offers additional regional discounts based on the disparity of the economic realities of some areas, including many countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

The objective of the GAP program is to increase the accessibility to these well-paid careers with chronic shortage of qualified staff for every candidate in the world.

GAP Eligibility by region:

If you are in Africa, South America, or Asia, please get in contact with us today by email at info@cra-school.com to see if your country is eligible for an additional reduction in the enrollment fees based on your country of residency.

* This  additional tuition fees reduction is not available for residents of North America and Europe.

1-hour free consultation on the clinical research careers & discussion of a suitable Action Plan

The concept of this program is quite unique. It combines a very comprehensive regulatory training with 3 remote part-time monitoring internships to provide the required practical experience and 1-on-1 Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH)

For a detailed 1-hour consultation and to get answers to all your questions, connect to our 7/7 LIVE support, provided 7 days per week till midnight EST (UCT-5).

Just say “Hi” to our Skype account CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL (the account without a dash between CRA and School) or book a consultation at info@cra-school.com.

It is a free service.

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