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Best time to access a rewarding clinical research career in the clinical trials industry


  • The offer

Last chance to offer to your loved one a new clinical research career in the rewarding clinical trials industry with a 45% discount for the Valentine Day. Tuition fees will be corrected with the inflation before the end of February after this offer expiry. 

Now the package offer provides for free also a Good Documentation Practices training (GDP) and the Medical devices regulations. Internationally harmonized regulations, qualification recognized worldwide.

  • Added value

The PG diploma includes the International GCP E6(R2) guidelines, the US FDA & NIH regulations, the Health Canada F&DA, division 5, plus 3 remote internships to provide the required “hands-on” experience and 7/7 Live Support till midnight.

Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH), networking support and professional branding, unlimited CV adaptation coaching for every role, and interview preparation till getting the first job and 3 months afterwards are integral part of the program.

  • Clinical research careers 

Clinical research careers are an excellent alternative for international health & life sciences graduates, facing a career change: nurses, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, biologists, biochemists, medical & lab technologists, MSc & PhD graduates, etc.

Neither recognized diplomas, nor license to practice are needed; No night and weekend shifts, no handling of biological fluids. The clinical research careers are in Regulatory Affairs, and most jobs became remote and home-based

  • The right time to join

Join the winners in the most important and always growing industry of the world, with a chronic 30% shortage of experienced staff and automatic promotions every year because of that huge demand.

Presently, a lot of companies try to develop vaccines that work, but a vaccine trial needs 40,000 subjects vs 4,000 for drugs. This requires a lot of new staff. There have never been that many well-paid new jobs in the rewarding clinical trials industry.

It is the right time to get in. The companies hire like crazy. Don’t miss the opportunity. Once you get in, you will be in forever.

  • How to join

Short-term offer for the Valentine day only, expires on February 24, 2022.

Validity: 10 days (till our Professional Networking Event with CREMCV on February 24)

To register, go to the menu ENROLL, select the combined course CRP 3.0 and Payment in 1 installment or in 2 installments, click the button ADD TO CART at the bottom of the screen, then enter your credit card number.

  • Consultations

Book a free consultation or contact us by Skype at our account CRA SCHOOL MONTREAL