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The Importance of Adapting Your CV for Each Application in clinical research

Many people have “their CV” and send it out for any and all positions that they are interested in. However, this is a mistake - the CV must be carefully adapted to fit each job description. Sending a non-adapted CV is counterproductive if you really want to get the...

The Medicago plant-based Covid-19 Canadian vaccine, Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance

The Medicago plant-based Covid-19 Canadian vaccine. Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance throughout the product life cycle

The Principal Investigator role in Women Health Clinical Trials, free webinar with Dr Janet Gerstnen

The Principal Investigator role – responsibilities and challenges in Women Health Clinical Trials

The MSL role – 10 myths and exciting opportunities, free webinar with Dr Plamen Stoychev, MD, MSL

The MSL (Medical Science Liaison) role – an excellent opportunity for foreign-trained IMGs, PharmDs and PhD degree holders

Understand 8 rewarding Medical Affairs Jobs, free webinar with Naila Inam, Sr MSL manager at Amgen

How to become an MSL, Drug Safety or Pharmacovigilance specialist, Medical monitor, Medical Advisor, Medical Affairs Director, Medical Writer, Medical information Specialist

One rewarding day in the life of a CRA – tasks and challenges, free conference of Ken Boudrault, SrCRA

One rewarding day in the life of a CRA – tasks and challenges, Free Web Conference of Ken Boudrault, SrCRA and mentor, organized by CRA School Montreal

Covid-19 hastens the need for new clinical trials, staff & sites, both in the industry and in academic settings

Covid-19 hastens the need for new clinical trials, staff & sites. Join our Global Networking Series to explore the Online Approval Process of clinical trials

Clinical Trial Workshop with Ken: Clinical Trials Start-up and Initiating: The CRA and the site perspective

Responsibilities of the CRA, CTA & CRC during the initial stage of clinical trials: Site Selection, Feasibility Assessment, Pre-study Site Qualification Visit and Site Initiation Visit.

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